Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale

‘The Company’ means Studio Carpentry LLP. ‘Goods’ means all the products fabricated and supplied by the company.
“The contractual agreement ” means the signing of the quotation, the agreed drawings and these terms and conditions by the client, countersigned by the Company.
All orders are subject to these terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed with the Company in writing


All prices include VAT where applicable and are valid for one month from the date of quoting.
The Company reserves the right to adjust our prices if necessary, after written notification to the Customer, to cover any subsequent variation in labour, the cost of raw materials, transport, increased costs of any kind arising from Government action or any relevant contract entered into by the Company in order to cover any such variation arising before completion of the contract. Where a supplier cannot supply third-party goods, the Company shall have the option of adjusting its contract with the Customer by notifying them in writing in respect of any Goods not delivered to the Customer as at that date


Where the Customer has specified that the Goods shall be of a certain colour, such specification shall be subject to reasonable commercial variation other than where specifically agreed with Company (applicable to all natural wooden worktops/doors, paint colours, glass etc).
It is the customer responsibility to source non-standard Goods and to notify the Company of relevant details prior to the signing of the contractual agreement. Any change thereafter may result in changes to the terms of the contractual agreement and to the timescale thereof.


The third-party Goods supplied by the Company are held under relevant manufacturer’s warranty.
Before using the Goods the Customer must determine their suitability for the intended use and must accept all risk and liability (in contract, damages or otherwise) arising thereby. The Company’s liability shall in no event exceed the invoiced price of the particular piece(s) in regards to which the complaint is made


It is the Company’s responsibility to deliver Goods promptly according to agreed delivery date and ensure that the correct Goods are delivered. Goods will be delivered to the delivery address given by the Customer, except when specified otherwise. The Company shall deliver the Goods only to the address given at time of contract, unless notification is received in writing at least 2 days prior to the delivery. Any delay will be notified in writing.
Delivery of some components (i.e. those not supplied by the Company) is undertaken by the specific supplier contracted by the Customer. In each individual delivery, the supplier will dispatch Goods direct to the Customer via their chosen Courier/Carrier. No compensation will be awarded by the Company in relation any aspect of this contract.
Notification in respect of damaged Goods supplied by the Company should be forwarded to the Company in writing within 3 days of the delivery or collection.


  • An initial deposit of 500.00+VAT is payable by the Customer to the Company to cover the cost of drawings preparation.
  • First deposit of 50% of invoice is payable by the Customer to the Company at point of contractual agreement. No Goods will be made/ordered until this deposit has been received.
  • An intermediate payment of 40% of invoice is payable 7 days prior to fit. Fit will be rescheduled to the next available date should payment not be received by this date.
  • The further 10% of invoice is payable to the Company within 14 days from completion of supply and installation of goods. Initial deposit of £500.00+VAT will be deducted from the final payment.
  • All payments should be made via bank transfer.

The Customer is not entitled to any allowances or claim unless payment has been made in accordance with these sales terms.
All products, materials, articles and components will remain the sole property of the Company until full payment is received and the customer shall provide access to allow for uplift thereof.
All additional products ordered by the Customer after the signing of the original contractual agreement will be invoiced on a revised invoice and will not be a cause to delay payment of the original invoice.
Any changes to specification after the signing of the original contract may result in a revised contract in terms of price and timescale
Contractual failure on behalf of the Customer may result in the loss of the deposit.
The Customer is not be entitled to cancel any order after the signing of the contract.
The Contract will be subject to the Laws of Scotland.